Make sure you’ve had your breakfast before watching this safety training video!

I had to re-post this video. It recently appeared on Australian Mining‘s website. It’s German, and from the 80’s… the video, that is. It is a bit long (9 odd minutes) but do yourself a favour and watch to the end. If ever there was going to be a forklift apocalypse, this is what it would look like. Enjoy!


Zenyatta: The Science Behind A Rare Hydrothermal Graphite Deposit

Here is an interesting post on the Zenyatta graphite deposit. Certainly seems to be an interesting and unique deposit type. If you are going to be at this year’s PDAC Convention, it would be great to hear what the geologists /academics have to say. I think I’ll stop by for a chat and learn something new!

Financial Post | Business

Zenyatta Ventures’s (V.ZEN) Albany hydrothermal graphite deposit is, as CEO Aubrey Eveleigh, points out, “one of a kind.” It is so unique that it has attracted attention globally and that of Lakehead University’s Dr. Andrew Conly and secured a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council grant to study its origins.

“This is one of a kind graphite; Very pure, very high quality.” said Eveleigh. “It’s ready for the green tech application testing and there should be great demand for it. The Company will target high quality-high value graphite powder market for the cleantech sector.”

Technology is driving market demand for high purity graphite (>99%) in emerging markets for energy & energy storage, electric vehicles and electronics (Li-batteries).

Like many mining CEO’s Eveleigh can be frustrated by the market. “A lot of investors don’t get it at all yet. There is a disconnect between the story and the stock…

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The farce that is the Junior Explorer Website

I was reviewing a project this week, a Cu-Ni-PGE advanced stage project in North America. On my way to their NI 43-101 technical report I had to wade through what is the usual marsh of marketing rubbish that is known as the “junior explorer website”. I review a lot of early and advanced stage projects and I can count on my one hand websites that I have come across that are actually attempting to present their results in a truthful and conservative (wise) way.

In the mud!

Me, try to get valuable information from a junior explorer website. (Photo:

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Top 5 things to watch for at this year’s African Mining Indaba

Today was the first day of the 20th Investing in Africa Mining Indaba. This year will once again see the influential mining houses, government, labour and other stakeholders converge in Cape Town until Thursday this week. If you have any interest in the African mining industry, companies that operate in Africa or you are an African it will do you well to keep at least one eye on proceedings this week. After all, many, if not most African economies are dominated by natural resource-based contributions to GDP. Therefore, what affects mining in Africa will probably affect Africa as a whole.

Lighting in the air over SA mining

The Union Platinum Mine, South Africa. (Photo: Flickr Anglo American Feed)

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