Back from wild Patagonia: Wild geology, wild mountains and wild glaciers!

This year is already in full swing and I managed to enter it in style! My new year’s eve party went something like this: On the morning of the 31st we woke up in our tent, pitched in an alpine forest, at the foot of a glacial valley. We then spent the day trekking through deciduous Beech forests, rolling shrub-land, flanked by the spires of the Paine Massif on our left and turquoise blue glacial lakes on our right. By late afternoon, with icy winds carrying light snow, we slogged into the next camp site, welcomed by a Chilean meat buffet next to the fire place! Bubbly cider, hats, wigs and even the Chilean national anthem at the base of the Torres! A spectacular setting close of 2013 and greet 2014!

Unbelievable Torres!

The spectacular spires of the Torres del Paine National Park. Cuernos Norte can be seen on the right.

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